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Scholarships for High School Students

Check out these scholarships, fellowships and research programs currently open for applications. Make sure to complete your application before the deadlines.

Here are scholarship opportunities for high school seniors .

Visit any time to see what is open.

ACS Scholars Program The ACS Scholars Program is awarding renewable scholarships of up to to $5000 to underrepresented minority students majoring in undergraduate chemistry-related disciplines, and are also intending to pursue careers in chemistry-related fields.

Award: $5,000

Deadline: March 1


  • U.S. citizens or a legal permanent U.S. residents (please inquire via email if you have questions regarding asylum or DACA status)

  • African-American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, or American Indian (please see below for more details)

  • Graduating high school seniors or college freshmen, sophomores or juniors. Seniors can apply for their fifth year.

  • Those intending to major or are already majoring in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, chemical technology, or another chemistry-related science AND planning to pursue a career in a chemistry-related science as well (please see below for more details)

  • Full-time students at a high school or an accredited college, university, or community college

  • Those demonstrating high academic achievement in chemistry or science (Grade Point Average 3.0 or higher)

Alliant group STEM Scholarship Program Alliant group is offering several $10,000 scholarships to deserving high school seniors who are pursuing a degree in a STEM field at a higher education institution in the fall semester of 2021.

Award : $10,000

Deadline : April 5


• This scholarship is open to high school seniors nominated by an alliantgroup CPA partner or industry partner with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

• Eligible students must be enrolled in a two to five year institution by Fall

• Eligible students must plan to pursue a degree in a STEM field

• Previous Alliant group STEM scholarship winners are not eligible

• Previous applicants must re-apply

• Read below for additional eligibility information

Amazon's Black Employee Network Scholarship Amazon’s Black Employee Network has established a scholarship program to assist high school seniors who plan to continue their education in college and pursue a computer science or supply chain-related field of study and career. Recipients of the award receive $5,000 per year for four years for college, plus a connection to industry mentors and peers from Amazon’s Black Employee network.

Award : $5,000 Renewable

Deadline : March 4


  • Be a high school senior

  • Self-identify as Black or person of African descent

  • Plan to enroll in full time undergraduate study at an accredited four-year college or university

  • Plan to pursue a computer science or supply chain-related field of study and career*

  • Have a minimum unweighted grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (or its equivalent)

Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship application is now open! The AFE Scholarship awards high school seniors with a $40,000 scholarship for college, plus a paid summer internship program at Amazon following their freshman year.

Award: $40,000

Deadline : February 18

Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship The program is for current high school seniors of African descent (for example, African American, African, Ethiopian, etc.) who plan to pursue a bachelor's degree in engineering, computer science, computer information systems, or select business programs (such as finance, business administration, or marketing) at a four-year college or university in the US in the fall immediately following your high school graduation.


This year BAM will award 27 scholarships totaling US $175,000:

— four (4) $20,000 scholarships distributed over 4 years ($5,000 per year, renewable)

— eight (8) $10,000 scholarships distributed over 2 years ($5,000 per year, renewable)

— 15 - $1,000 one -time scholarship $5,000 in scholarship opportunities to permanent residents of the listed states who are STEM majors.

Deadline : March 15


  • Be a US-based high school senior of African descent (for example, African American, African, Ethiopian, etc.)

  • Plan to attend a four-year college or university in the US in the fall immediately following your high school graduation

  • Plan to pursue a bachelor's degree in engineering, computer science, computer information systems, or select business programs (such as finance, business administration, or marketing)

  • Demonstrate a passion for technology.

  • Demonstrate leadership at school or in the community.

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher.

  • Require financial assistance to attend college.

BMW/SAE Scholarship BMW /SAE is awarding scholarships to high school seniors planning to pursue an engineering or related science degree through an ABET accredited program.

Applicants must demonstrate active participation in extracurricular science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities that take place outside the classroom (such as in clubs or in association with other organizations).

Award : $1,500

Deadline : March 21


  • U.S. resident.

  • Must be an Incoming Freshman

  • Minimum unweighted 3.75 grade point average

  • Pursue an engineering or related science degree through an ABET accredited program.

  • Provide two (2) Letters of Recommendation - one (1) that focuses on academics and one (1) that speaks to your involvement in extra-curricular activities or employment

  • Participation in a STEM-related extra-curricular activity /club or employment/shadowing that relates to your intended engineering major

Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship Lockheed Martin launched the STEM Scholarship Program in 2018 as part of investment in the next generation of STEM talent. We are committed to providing access to pathways through education and into the STEM workforce for all students, particularly those from diverse backgrounds and communities historically underrepresented in STEM fields.

Each year, the STEM Scholarship Program awards $10,000 to 200 recipients studying engineering or computer science at a 4-year college or university. Recipients may renew the scholarship up to three times for a total potential value of $40,000 per student.

Award: $40,000

Deadline: April 1


  • Be a U.S. Citizen

  • Be high school seniors, freshman or sophomore undergraduate students with a minimum GPA of 2.5

  • Be majoring or planning to major in Aerospace Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics

  • Plan to enroll in full-time undergraduate study at an accredited four-year college or university in the United States for the upcoming academic year

  • Demonstrate financial need

  • Be willing to consider internship opportunities with Lockheed Martin

The Doodle for Google scholarship is now accepting applications. The Doodle 4 Google competition is offered annually for students in grades K-12. To apply, one must submit a sketch or image including the Google logo in the context of this year's theme.

Award: $30,000, winning applicant school receives $50,000 in technology grant

Deadline: February 26


  • Must be currently enrolled in grades K-12.

  • Must have an interest in drawing and visual art.

  • Must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident.

  • submissions must be received by the deadline

Future of STEM Scholars Initiative (FOSSI) Scholarship This program provides scholarships to high school students applying to a Historically Black College and University for a STEM-related degree. If selected, the student will receive a $40,000 scholarship award. This award will be disbursed in the amount of $10,000 per year, for four (4) years, and will go directly to the institution in which the student is enrolled. Selected students will also receive internship preparation and placement, leadership training, mentoring and access to the AIChE student networking opportunities.

Award: $40,000

Deadline: February 15


  • Applicant must be a high school senior

  • Applicants must be completing or have completed high school successfully with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

  • Applicants must be accepted as a full-time student at a college or university for the upcoming academic semester.

  • Applicants must plan to pursue studies at a historically black college or university (HBCU).

  • Applicants must plan to pursue studies in a field associated with STEM, MIQA, technical or operation manufacturing.

  • Applicants must be a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States.

  • Applicants must complete and submit a scholarship application by February 15

Gucci Changemakers Scholarship This scholarship fund aims to provide scholarships to diverse undergraduate students with unmet financial need interested in the fashion industry, design, marketing, art, film, communications, fashion law, merchandising, and other fashion related fields.

You will receive mentorship and leadership opportunities at Gucci America and within the fashion industry. Open to diverse graduating high school senior, community college and undergraduate students

Award: $20,000

Deadline: January 28

Knoll Design Scholarship Knoll Foundation has established a scholarship program to assist students who identify as black that reside in the United States and Canada who plan to continue their education in a college or vocational school in a design-related program. If selected as a recipient, the student will receive a $10,000 award. Up to five {5} awards will be granted.

Award: $10,000

Deadline: March 31


  • Identify as Black.

  • Reside in the United States or Canada.

  • Be high school seniors / students in their final year of upper secondary school who plan to enroll in a full-time undergraduate study at an accredited two- or four-year college or university or CEGEP institution for the entire academic year.

  • Be pursuing a design-related degree; majors include, but are not limited to:

  • Architecture

  • Architecture Technician

  • Architecture Technology

  • Graphic Design

  • Industrial Design

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Industrial Production Technology

  • Interior Design

KPMG 2021 Future Leaders Program is geared towards female High School Seniors . This program would provide an annual scholarship of $10,000 per year for 4 years of college , KPMG Future Leaders Retreat that will focus on leadership training, career development, and the college transition and an opportunity to be paired with a mentor for one year; the mentor being a female executive that attended the KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit.

Award: An annual scholarship of $10,000 per year for 4 years of college

Deadline : February 1


  • High school female senior planning to enroll in a 4-year undergraduate program for the upcoming 2021 fall semester

  • Proven track record of academic excellence and leadership potential

  • Minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA

  • Interest in a business or STEM academic track

  • Demonstrates a significant financial need

  • Letter of recommendation from a nonprofit/community organization

McDonalds HACER National Scholarship McDonalds HACER National Scholarship is an outstanding opportunity for students who have a least one parent of Hispanic descent.

Deadline: February 3


  • You’re a high school senior

  • You’re a legal U.S. resident

  • You’re younger than 21 years old

  • You carry a minimum 2.8 GPA

  • You’re eligible to attend a two- or four-year college or university with a full-time course of study

  • You’ll disclose other scholarship programs that you’ve applied for

  • You’ll enroll and attend an accredited institution in the academic year after your selection (verification needed, as scholarship funds are paid directly to the schools)

  • You have at least one parent of Hispanic heritage

Miami HEAT Charitable Fund The Miami HEAT Charitable Fund and Bank United are teaming up to award $25,000 in scholarship funds to High School Seniors in Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe or Palm Beach schools. Scholarships are awarded based on excellent academic performance and outstanding community service.


-Three (3) $5,000.00 HEAT Scholarships

-One (1) $5,000.00 Dr. Jack Ramsay Scholarship

-One (1) $5,000.00 Alec Kessler Student-Athlete Scholarship

Deadline : January 30

Stantec Equity & Diversity Scholarship Princeton Committee Scholarship The Stantec Equity & Diversity Scholarship will award $200,000 annually to science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) students who are also part of Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) and other underrepresented groups.

Award: range $1500 - $10,000

Deadline: November 18

SWE-HA Scholarship SWE-HA Scholarship Committee is accepting applications for scholarships for the 2021-2022 academic year. SWE-HA is sponsoring scholarships awards to Freshman/Sophomore female students who plan to attend an ABET accredited 4-year college or university and pursue an engineering or engineering-related discipline in the following academic year. In 2020, SWE-HA awarded over $25,000 in college scholarships.

Award: $25,000

Deadline: March 1

Eligibility :

  • Senior High School Female Student at a Houston Area school or a transfer from a junior or community college.

  • Plans to major in an Engineering or Engineering-related discipline at an ABET accredited 4-year college or university, preferably in the State of Texas the following year.

VISA BLACK Scholars Program Visa is offering scholarship grants up to $20,000/ year to graduating Black and African American high school students currently applying for college in the United States. Students who meet their commitments are guaranteed a full-time job at Visa after graduation.

Award: $20,000

Deadline: February 15


  • Intend to pursue an education in Technology (e.g., Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Science, Networking, Cybersecurity, or related majors) or Business (e.g., HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales, International Business, or related majors)

  • Current high school seniors enrolled or intending to enroll in a full-time undergraduate degree in any accredited four-year college or university in the U.S.

  • Must be a United States citizen or permanent resident

  • Minimum high school GPA of 3.0

  • Demonstrate a financial need

  • Identify as Black/African American

Scholar Expectations: (including, but not limited to the following):

  • Must be able to participate in all program-related activities

  • Remain in good academic standing

  • Maintain no disciplinary infractions on academic record

  • Students selected to participate in the program must provide TMCF with supporting documentation requested during the financial need verification process

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